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Port Congestion In The Western States

Although the U.S. holiday season is still ahead of us, the peak freight season is beginning to gather momentum as sellers look for ways to restock ahead of the November and December shopping months. Port congestion is getting worse. 

More Containers: With the increase in the amount of containers, shipping space is now bursting, trailer tension, dump cabinets serious, shipping costs are continuing to grow. Fewer Truck drivers: A source close to the situation said truckers were in short supply at the port of Los Angeles because of the high volume of cargo being shipped to the city. With more cargo and fewer drivers, the supply and demand for trucks in Los Angeles have become so unbalanced that long-distance trucking rates have soared to record highs in August. Rouster’ssafety: U.S. ports are struggling to handle the large number of containers while maintaining manual safe working conditions, and container ships could face further delays at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. 

Bad Weather: There is no berthing position at the moment because of the weather delay, and in the coming months and years there will be more large container ships coming into port, and the situation will only get worse, with ships not being able to unload fast enough and being less reliable, which will ultimately put more pressure on the entire supply chain." 

Extra Charge: One shipowner said last week that the demurrage and trucking fees faced by shippers due to the delays would probably not result in higher container rates until at least the end of the year.



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