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Shiner Industrial Group is a premium full-service glass and mirror company proudly servicing hundreds of customers worldwide.Being in business for over 7 years since 2014, Shiner has grown to become one of the most professional exporting glass suppliers in Xiamen area. Our expertise covers a variety of glass and mirror applications, including standard shower door glass, custom glass and mirrors, commercial exterior windows, doors and etc.

At Shiner Industrial, We are committed to total customer satisfaction as well as the production and on-time delivery of the high-quality glass and mirrors. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  Your emails will be answered within 24 hours. We strive to make sure every one of our customers is handled promptly and professionally each and every day. We are always prompt, courteous, and professional every step of the way,from the initial order all the way to all your future orders.

You are welcome to reach us via phone call, emails or social media for any business opportunities.




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